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Borbély Erika,

Legal adviser, Harghita Business Center Odorheiu Secuiesc

Bertici Edith,

Lawyer, Cluj-Napoca


According to the law, all natural and legal persons have the obligation to ask for being incorporated at the trade register before starting their trade and to ask for having the mentions (concerning deeds and facts whose registration is mandatory) recorded at the same register during the carrying on of trading operations.

In compliance with the provisions of a law that has been recently adopted, from the 1st of February 2017, entrepreneurs can fulfill their obligations mentioned above without paying dues and tariffs.

The only amount of money that has to be paid is the tariff owed to the Official Gazette of Romania for the publication of the documents, which costs 122 lei a page. One page means 2000 characters including spaces.

Therefore, if you are thinking of making business in Romania and establish one of the following legal persons:

  • Trading companies such as: a) general partnership; b) limited partnership; c) joint-stock company; d) limited partnership by shares; e) limited liability company.
  • Economic interest group – European interest group
  • Cooperative company – European cooperative company
  • European company

all with their main residence in Romania, from the 1st of February 2017 you will be exonerated from paying 250 lei plus 60% calculated to this amount.

For example if you decide to establish a limited liability company when asking for being incorporated at the trade register most probably you will be requested to pay 122 lei, since the document that has to be published at this moment is surely not longer than 2000 characters.

If you already have a company and you are thinking of making some changes, you can do it now without 24 lei for simple modifications and 220 lei for several modifications and plus 60% calculated to these amounts.

If your target is to work as one of the following natural persons:

  • Authorized natural person
  • Individual enterprise
  • Family enterprise

all with the main residence in Romania, from the 1st of February 2017 you will be free from paying 90 lei at the moment of the establishment and 45 lei for any changes that need to be recorded at the register.


Attention: the following tariffs remained:

The trade register office is obliged to issue, on the applicant’s expense, certified copies of registrations carried on in the register, of the presented documents, as well as certificates ascertaining that certain deeds or facts are or are not registered.

For example: 250 lei for company history, short list of information – 8 lei/company, extended list of information – 24 lei/company.

Likewise, the trade register office provides legal advice on the applicant’s expense.

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