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Our mission is...

to help the local early-stage entrepreneurs to transform their dreams into innovative businesses that make global prosperity a reality.

Harghita Business Center’s primary objective is to help and support SME’s in order for them to operate more successfully.

What are the benefits of Harghita Business Center? The rental rates offered by Harghita Business Center are significantly lower than the market price. This way, the business owners can focus more on developing their business rather than focusing on paying the next bill. This essential opportunity is coupled with an inspiring environment, community approach, helpful attitude, where companies receive more specialized attention, advice if necessary, and last but not least SMEs could gain business contacts and build their business network, as well.

The business incubator can provide a mixture of services to the resident companies, such as administrative services, business advisory services, coaching, counselling, technical services, mentoring, training, fund raising, and networking opportunities among clients, even links to the international business community. Other services, loan and venture capital funds, lobbying for special services are sometimes developed to help clients overcome specific problems in the given business environment.



We are proud of our first partners, we are proud of the community established here, we try to help young people working in different areas in the expansion of their network of connections, that strengthen their status on the market.


Joining an incubator is almost like joining a college program: You have to apply, have to be accepted, and then follow a schedule in order to meet benchmarks set by the incubator.  Through our programs, our primary goal is to help young people in their professional self-fulfillment, and where appropriate, to start a business as well.

Creative space

Harghita Business Center was established in June 2017 and it works as a community space for young entrepreneurs. The incubator house is home to 40 start-ups but often provides space for programs and events organized by partners.

„There are many opportunities for development, because businesses of the same profile activate in one place, communicate easily and help each other in the development of larger projects. At the same time, regular presentations on different topics broaden the horizons of young entrepreneurs. On the other hand, conferences in the incubator house bring them and their business closer to people with whom I find it difficult or I am never able to get in touch.”

Áron Márton, WebGurus

We offer...

Are you looking for a fully equipped conference or meeting room? The spaces provided by Harghita Business Center are appropriate venues for conferences, workshops, trainings, lectures and receptions.


70 square meter space, up to 80 seats, air-conditioned room (can be expanded to 130 m2). What does the conference room look like? How much is it? What kind of equipment is the conference room equipped with? When is the conference room free? You can find information HERE, but if you have any further questions, please contact our colleague Szilvia. She’s the problem solver.


It is a room of 26m2, suitable for 25 people, can be furnished in a variety of ways. Is our conference room too big for you? Do you need a meeting room for a business meeting or a small group session?

Look at a few pictures of HERE, and if you like it, all you have to do is call us and book it.


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